Qitera supports non-profit organizations with innovative collaboration platform

Within a special campaign Qitera offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to benefit from its innovative collaboration and search platform. Organizations in the field of education, culture, environment and sports could apply for our community partner program to get up to 100 premium licenses of Qitera Enterprise™ for free.

"Within today's financial and economic crisis, most non-profit organizations suffer from melting donations and less member activity because people have to take care of their jobs and family" says Carlo Velten, one of Qitera's founders and an active member of various non-profit-organizations.

"Our community partner program should enable non-profit organizations to make use of web 2.0 software that frees them from expensive software and infrastructure investments. Most organizations could not afford to pay an professional IT-manager but have to provide tools for effective team work and collaboration. We hope that a lot of organization will get more agile and productive by using our collaboration and search solution.", explains Carlo.

Please do find further information below or contact us for your individual account.

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Your Qitera team.

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Qitera among upcoming start-ups in Saas-market

In a recent article by Jens Tönnesmann, Germany's leading business publication Wirtschaftswoche covers several upcoming start-ups in the Saas-space. The article gives an overview how Qitera and other young software companies are delivering software innovations as "Software as a Service". Please do read the full article here (in German).

"Social-Business-Design" - or how to make enterprise 2.0 projects successful

Social Business Design

Thinking a lot about new concepts and metrics that could help to plan, implement and run Enterprise 2.0 projects successfully, we recently came across the term "Social Business Design". The term originated from US consulting firm dachis group. It would be too easy to judge it as just another hype term. Indeed, we do believe that it is a good way to describe the urgent need to bring together business and IT-thinking.

Our project experiences with leading companies all over Europe have shown that still a majority of business leaders have no real clue how the new web technologies are reshaping their business and the way their organizations communicate within their various ecosystems (customers, employees, partners, shareholders).

So the "Social Business Design" approach could be helpful to think about enterprise 2.0 in a more holistic and strategic way. As the dachis group team phrases it "The social business design framework captures ecosystem (community), hivemind (culture), dynamic signal (collaboration), and metafilter (content)."

From our perspective enterprise 2.0 needs some additional back-up from strategic planning and HR. Only when new enterprise 2.0 planning metrics (e.g. shareability, activity index, search flow) are integrated into the companies goal sheets and HR plans, new initiatives will be successful. At Qitera we love the bottom-up initiatives that drive most initial activities. But to profit from productivity gains and collective intelligence on a broader scale the entire organization has to jump on the train.

Currently we are forming a working group together with some of our clients aiming to distill some real planning and ROI-metrics that could help to plan and measure enterprise 2.0 success. Please contact Carlo Velten if you are interested to join our working group.

IBM CEO Study unveils new collaboration trends to shape future success of global companies

Global CEO Study companies in the future have to serve well informed and more demanding customers. Market insights are critical to the Enterprise of the Future. Social networking and real-time collaboration tools improve communication and close the distance between people in different locations. Good ideas develop and spread quicker, and problems are solved faster. New social technologies connect everyone to the customer and help to unleash the collective intelligence of the organization. The Enterprise of the Future recognizes the value of information it collects through its many channels and actively mines it for insights.

Qitera's search and collaboration platform aims to help CEOs and CIOs to successfully transform their companies into learning organizations. Qitera makes it easy to collect, share and search market and customer knowledge within global organizations.

In the world's largest study of this kind IBM has interviewed over 1,100 CEOs and senior executives from the private and public sector. The study outlines how CEOs anticipate the future development and market success of their organizations. Please find the full report here.

Qitera sponsors Executive Seminar on „Competitive Intelligence“

Keeping track with competitors has become a real challenge in a world with exploding information. The web has reshaped the way companies track and evaluate their competitor's initiatives and actions. Thousands of new information sources have to be monitored. Web sites, blogs, social networks, market places and new communication tools.

Euroforum has launched a new executive seminar that empowers decision makers to professionalize their activities in the field of competitive and market intelligence. The seminar offers insights from Europe’s leading CI-practioners and outline strategies to build up successful CI-organizations and processes. Additionally, the seminar is focused on research tactics in the upcoming social web and will showcase interesting tools and services that enable collective intelligence to be used in CI.

is pleased to sponsor the seminar starting in October 2009. Each participant will be equipped with Qitera’s leading enterprise search – and collaboration service. With Qitera companies are enabled to boost market awareness in the entire organization and to automate competitive monitoring.

Please do find further information about the agenda and the experts below (in German) or do contact Carlo Velten here.

Lehrgang Competitive Intelligence

Filltech GmbH implements Qitera platform as sales enablement solution

Filltech GmbH is a global leader in in the field of industrial gas and pumping systems. The family-owned company is known for its advanced technologies and solutions to manage CO2 in its various forms. Filltech is specialized in designing, producing and servicing Mixed Gas solutions for every major industry. To identify and address the different market needs and to manage customer-related knowledge effectively across the organisation Filltech has a set up a project for implementing an adequate IT-solution. Filltech has chosen Qitera's social search and collaboration platform to let sales, engineering and marketing people work together and share market knowledge in an intuitive way. With Qitera customer related information is captured from various sources and shared among dedicated teams in one place. Thereby Filltech can work out more client-specific solutions and was able to cut search time to a minimum. Users can now find relevant documentation and customer news by simply searching Qitera or looking up Google. Managing director Michael Peine says "Qitera has brought us into the pole position. We can now interact much faster and more customer-oriented. With Qitera we never miss important updates on customers, markets and competition."

If you have further questions please contact Carlo Velten or read the entire success story hereby (german version).

Qitera Enterprise Referenz Filltech Juli 2009

Competitive Intelligence Professionals - 50% of all jobs created in last 5 years

Leading IT-magazine Computerwoche releases some interesting facts about the current state of "Competitive Intelligence" (CI) as new discipline in corporations. As editor Christa Manta states, about 50% of all jobs in CI were created within the last 5 years. Companies are more aware of their competitive ecosystem and start to use professional software solutions. Please read the full article here. To learn more about Qitera's offering in CI please read our latest press release here.

Qitera Alerts™ scans market and competitive environment automatically and in real-time

Qitera Alerts™ is a brand new market and customer intelligence application on our platform that automatically tracks relevant news and developments within your company's market environment. Qitera Alerts™ provides your marketing and sales teams with accurate and current insights regarding your most important clients, projects, market segments and competitors.

Qitera Alerts™ tracks and analyzes thousands of information sources on a global scale, automatically and in real-time including websites, news and social media. Relevant results are directly delivered to your news feed and captured contextually (saved into your topic activity streams). That way important news on customers will never get lost. You and your team are empowered to collaborate around the fresh insights and make better decisions.

With Qitera Alerts™ we enable decision makers in the following domains to focus on their core business:
* Sales Enablement / Customer Intelligence
* Market Intelligence
* Competitive Intelligence
* Innovation Management / Trend Scouting
* Communications
* Investor Relations
* Risk Management
* Brand Monitoring

* Reduced time for monitoring and search activities
* Broader scope of information (global view)
* More revenues through well-informed sales people
* Innovative products through better customer understanding
* Agile team work and collaboration around customer updates
* More market awareness by real-time monitoring and global tracking

Please find more information here or contact Carlo Velten via sales@qitera.com.

Qitera integrates Document Sharing Service Scribd

With the latest release of Qitera you can now save and share millions of interesting documents from Scribd - one of the leading online document sharing services. Your Qitera plug-in now lets you simple save relevant documents like press releases, product specifications or market reports to your Qitera account. Thereby you can capture relevant knowledge for personal projects or share them effectively with your team.

Fraunhofer Research Labs evaluating Qitera Social Search Platform

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is among Germany's leading institutions for research in the field of information and technology management. Today Fraunhofer IAO will kickstart a new survey regarding the adoption of modern collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions. Objectives of the projects are to identify successful implementation strategies for social software and to evaluate different approaches of web-based sharing and search.

Qitera's social search and collaboration platform will be evaluated within multiple use cases and scenarios. We are very exited about the outcome of the survey and looking forward to valuable feedback for further product innovations. The survey results will be published at selected conferences and events at the end of the year.

Please contact Carlo Velten for more detailed information.

Qitera to showcase Social & Collaboration Platform at Knowlegde Management Executive Seminar

Qitera will present its social search and collaboration platform Qitera Enterprise™ at knowledge management executive seminar. The event will take place in Frankfurt at 16./17.10.2009 and is organized by well-known author and speaker Dietmar Pfaff. If you are interested to join please do contact the team of infomarketing or mail us at info@qitera.com. Further information about the seminar and the agenda you can find hereby.

Qitera launches new applications for automated market and competitive intelligence

Today Qitera released two valuable market intelligence applications helping marketing professionals to automate their daily research and monitoring tasks.
With Qitera Alerts™ und Qitera Follow™ users can automatically track market segments, customer activities and competitors in real-time over thousands of information sources. Thereby Qitera helps executives in the field of market and competitive intelligence to keep track with the speed of the internet. Our new applications will help marketing executives to stay ahead without getting overloaded with information noise.

Please read the full press release (in German) here.

Please check out our website for more information or contact Carlo Velten.