Latest Slides on "Social Search" presented at Social Software@Work event at Schloss Mickeln

For all who joined yesterday's insightful event at Schloss Micklen ("Social Software@Work") I have shared my presentation slides below. If you have any further questions or interest in our current collaboration platform (or our crazy lab projects) please contact me via email or XING.

Best regards, Carlo

Qitera Social Search 280909 Final

Corporate Communication with Social Media - Executive Seminar

Together with the Management School of Kassel University and the Endowed Chair for International Direct Marketing, Qitera will be hosting a hands-on seminar for professionals from corporate communications and marketing. The seminar will focus on the strategic impact and operational tactics of social media within the corporate communication processes. As there are only some tickets left, please sign up at our XING-event site here until 28 September 2009. Additional information and the agenda can be found here or get in touch with Qitera founder Carlo Velten.

Artist Mark Lombardi as grandfather of Social Search

In his session at the Globalfuture barcamp in Berlin, Qitera founder Carlo Velten outlined how artist Mark Lombardi has influenced the architecture model of social search that will be the new paradigm for search within the next 2-8 years. In his session Carlo presented some of Qitera's approaches to semantically-powered search and the core principles of its current enterprise social search platform. The debate than circled around the near-term future of semantic and social services and how user-data could be provided in a secure and seamless way. You can find some slides here. Additional information and some video footage of Carlo's session could be find on the groups Facebook-page.

Qitera founder Carlo Velten moderates session at "GlobalFuture" Barcamp in Berlin

Qitera founder Carlo Velten will moderate a session at the "GlobalFuture" barcamp in Berlin this weekend (Sept. 18-19.). The session is part of the wider topic "trust & confidence in web and economy" and will circle around how the future search technologies will become social. Feel free to join us for an interesting session about futuristic tech and social trends. Please sign up at or get in touch with organizer-in-chief Moritz.

For more information about our "future of search session" please check out the agenda
here(Scrib document).

Qitera founder to moderate EO teambuildung event in Berlin

Qitera founder Carlo Velten will moderate a panel for the Entrepreneurs' Organization in Berlin on Tuesday 14. Sept. The event will circle around the topic of "teambuilding" and bring together a bunch of successful entrepreneurs for a debate with two of Germany's leading sports and music stars Stefan Kretzschmar and Lucy Diakowska. If you are member of OE please do sign up for the event here.

Qitera founder Carlo Velten to speak about the future of Market Research

Qitera founder Carlo Velten will give a lecture about new directions and instruments in market research for high-tech start-ups. The lecture is part of a series of academic and hands-on presentations at the Entrepreneurship Summer School organized by CENSET (Center for Scientific Entrepreneurship and Transfer) at University of Cologne and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance at Georg-Augusta-University of G├Âttingen. The venue for this event will be Schloss Wahn nearby Cologne.

For further information or the presentation slides please do contact Carlo Velten.

Summer School

Qitera founder Carlo Velten to speak about Future of Social Search at Heinrich-Heine-University

Qitera founder Carlo Velten will join a panel and speak about the "social future" of search together with other experts gathering at Heinrich-Heine-University in D├╝sseldorf at Sept 28.

Carlo will outline some of the technological underpinnings of social search and give an outlook on future search trends. Additionally Carlo will demo Qitera Enterprise and show how Qitera have implemented Social Search within its Enterprise Collaboration suite.

The interdisciplinary workshop "Social Software @ Work" is organized by the institute for information management at Heinrich-Heine-University and will bring together experts from the business and academic world.

We are looking forward to some fruitful discussions. Please do find more information here or get in touch with Isabella Peters

New direct and real-time communication features within Qitera social collaboration platform

Qitera is starting to release a series of new features for its social collaboration and search platform.

Before a major release will be introduced next week Qitera Enterprise™ now allows all users to communicate in real-time via chat. Beside regular chat functionality between two users, Qitera Enterprise™ enables chatting for

So team communication is clearly focused and helps to share relevants views and information in a very fast and very productive way.

We are happy about feedback.