Qitera delivers advanced enterprise search and collaboration technolgy as "Search as a Service"

Qitera Search-As-A-Service 20090423 ENGL Qitera Search-As-A-Service 20090423 ENGL Carlo Velten

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New Video Introduction for Qitera Enterprise™ (English Version)

Dear Users,
please feel free to watch the following video introduction of Qitera Enterprise™ - our enterprise intelligence platform. This video was produced for our english-speaking customers. You will find the german-speaking version here.

Kind regards,
the Qitera team

New Video Introduction for Qitera Enterprise™ (German)

Dear Users,

please feel free to watch the following video introduction of Qitera Enterprise™ - our enterprise intelligence platform. This video was produced for our german-speaking customers. An english version will follow soon.

Kind regards,
the Qitera team

Qitera Enterprise™ awarded as perfect fit for knowledge management in SME companies

Initiative Mittelstand is a leading media platform that brings together over 170.000 decision makers from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Germany. With the overall objective to inform and support SME's regarding innovative products and technologies, Initiative Mittelstand organizes numerous events and innovation awards. Within this year's Innovationspreis-IT Qitera was awarded among the leading solutions for knowledge management and search in SME companies.

By using Qitera Enterprise™ companies can empower teams to collaborate over the web and share knowledge by just a few clicks. Qitera helps employees to easily gather market-specific information and perform powerful searches within the company's knowledge base. Qitera Enterprise™ is delivered as a web service ("Search-as-a-Service"). So companies can set up Qitera within minutes and realize fundamental cost savings (no hardware or installation costs, support included).

Qitera now offers free test accounts for companies and teams. If you are interested please register here.

CEO Joerg to speak at EntrepreneursDay 2009

Qitera CEO Joerg Lamprecht will introduce our new SaaS-based search solution at well-known entrepreneurship event EntrepreneursDay2009 this morning. We are excited about feedback from the wider tech community after releasing our new service just 2 days ago. First customer feedback is great and we hope get in touch with more CIOs, marketing executives and knowledge managers who want to support their teams with a simple and ready-to-go search solution.

Qitera Enterprise™ - Search as a Service

By relasing the enterprise version of our search and sharing platform, Qitera introduces a new concept to traditional enterprise search - SaaS - Search as a Service. Qitera Enterprise™ offers a package of powerful but intuitive search and collaboration functionalities delivered over the web - as a service.

This is unique as enterprise search technologies are traditionally associated with high-volume licensing fees and installation costs. Projects tend to be hardware- and knowledge-intensive. Multiple servers need to be configured and maintained to run the search application and the corresponding back-end technologies (crawler, indexing, databases, rules engine ...).

At Qitera we do believe that it's time for a change. Companies should care about the effectiveness of their internal search processes and the knowledge productivity of their employees – and NOT about back-end technologies. At Qitera we have build a search technology platform that offers substantial benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability and TCO.

Benefits of Search as a Service

* No hardware investments or license fees
* No installation costs
* Get your team ready within 30 minutes
* Automated releases and updates
* Back-up and recovery included
* Scalability from 5-5,000 users
* Mobile access to company knowledge (executives, sales)
* Standardized API to integrate corporate data sources

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