Social Search in Google

One of the most annoying things in "Search" is the neverending loop of searching things we already found previously. We search again and again and again for similar things - and the worst: our friends and coworkers most probably also search for similar things.

In capturing whole pages from the web, Qitera already did the first important step: Building your personal search index. No Tags anymore. No lost content no vanished articles. All stored for eternity in your personal index. Open it to friends or co-workers and benefit from what they know and ready is your social search index.

With Qitera Assist we do another important step: Integrating your personal Index into Google, MSN and Yahoo!. You now FIRST get pages from YOUR pages, things you already found and THAN from the web.

How does it work?
The Qitera plug-in captures a query in Google or Yahoo! and sends the search term to Qitera. We than take your search results and display them right before the "official" Google results.

More Info?

Change comes to your office - Qitera to launch realtime collaboration for the enterprise

After months of hard work and intensive customer feedback we are nearly ready to launch the enterprise version of Qitera. With our enterprise productivity platform we will revolutionize your working environment. By combining the novel workflow approach of “activity streams” (aka news feed) with powerful sharing and enterprise search functionalities, Qitera Enterprise will help you to speed up team work and project management in your organization. With Qitera Enterprise you can reduce email-overload and track projects intelligently. Supporting office documents and web content alike Qitera bridges the gap between both worlds to provide an easy-to-use collaboration platform that really supports group knowledge.

Qitera Enterprise works for multiple types of projects e.g. new web site, product relaunch, partner event, competition survey or marketing plan. Qitera Enterprise ensures that everybody in a team can easily access the latest information and comments to make the right decisions. Qitera is suited for the following domains:
• Team work and collaboration
• Sales support and pre-sales
• Market intelligence
• Knowledge management and media sharing
• Semantic and social enterprise search

Qitera Enterprise is delivered as software-as-a-Service (SaaS). No extra server or installation costs. No additional upgrade or support fees and built-in enterprise search for a rapid ROI.

We plan to launch Qitera Enterprise at Cebit in March. Please feel free to contact us and get further information and support.

Qitera – simplify your student life

Getting tired of all your home work? Too much research to do for your next assignment? Having trouble to share relevant documents and content with your fellow students?
Qitera will help you to simplify your student life. With Qitera you can save web pages and articles with just one click. You can collaborate with your peers around projects and group assignments. And Qitera´s search functionality empowers you to search all your content easily by keyword. But you can also use Qitera to share cool stuff with your friends or plan a joint skiing vacation.

Use cases school and university:
• Do research for assignments and projects
• Share documents and web content with friends
• Collaborate with fellow students around group projects
• Plan vacations or get recommendations for cool products

Sounds good? So just try out and sign up for free.

If you are responsible for your schools IT department please do not hesitate to contact us. Qitera offers special collaboration packages for academic organizations.

Duplicates and Multiples


When creating your personal search index and saving pages it can happen that you save a page twice. So we received a lot of feedback and that feature. It's now fixed in the current release, just watch out for that hint beneath your findings:

But: That hint also appears when your friends previously saved the same pages and invited you. So for the system it's the same if it is "your" page or you simply have access rights to it and it "belongs" to one of your friends.

Multiple identities:

Another extremely nice feature is the handling of multiple email accounts in your "Settings" in the "E-mail Settings" section. You now have the option to register as many addresses as you like. Work, private, anonymous...

Of cause you can log-in to Qitera with any of those emails .... your password stays the same. The content also. Try it out and send your neighbor a smile if you like it! :-)