All the best wishes for Christmas

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank all of you for your feedback and great ideas. Thanks to your engagement Qitera had a wonderful start and we are proud to get so much supportive feedback. We will start into the new season with a lot of work on our agenda to make Qitera the most valuable sharing service on the web.

But Christmas is waiting around the corner. It is the time to share memories, gifts and hopes with the people we care about. We wish all of you a peaceful Christmas time and all the best for the new year.

Your Qitera team

P.S. Try out to share your Christmas wishes via Qitera. Just upload customized pictures, e-cards or videos as your Christmas message and share it with friends and family.

Go Shopping with Qitera

Today we would like to give you a quick introduction how to best use Qitera for shopping. Most online shops do have wish lists and features to save stuff – but in every case you have to register and log in with a new pass word. Qitera now lets you save and compare products across online shops just by saving your favorite products with the Qitera-browser button. After saving a specific product or offering you will get back to it at your “My Stuff” page. By sharing it securely with friends and family you will get valuable advice and decision support from the people that matter most to you. Just create a topic (e.g. named “my new watch”) and start collecting and sharing all the valuable stuff you come across while searching the web for the best offers.

Additionally, Qitera partners with a broad number of online shops to make online shopping easy and fun. Our partner online shops provide a “Keep This” button right beside their products. So you can save the product and its related information (picture, description, link and price) into Qitera with just one click on the shop page.

Here are some of our partner online shops:

A little widget will display all the relevant information and confirm positive feedback after the product is saved. Qitera helps you to manage your Christmas online shopping smoothly and secure. You can now discuss with selected friends or create wish lists for your own. Try it out.

Delicious and browser bookmark

One of the "most wanted" features in the last days was the import of browser or delicious bookmarks. I agree. Very useful.

So we put it online today and it works fairly simple and straight forward. In the footer under the Help section you'll find a new entry called "Import"

Just click on that and decide to first import your browser bookmarks or the ones from delicious. The software will provide a short guidance - depending on what browser you have - to walk you through the maximum 3 steps.

One thing on Tags vs. Topics: A Tag is a short description which helps you to memorize the URL, something like "vacation" or "Cool App". A Topic in Qitera is something that contains websites, comments or notes, images or vids ... it grows over time and everybody with whom it is shared can add his websites or comments. A Topic is more a vertical search engine with fulltext index and searchable for ALL words in ALL pages attached to it. A website can be in various topics.

The Qitera importer assists you to create Topics where you had Tags before.

Have fun now with your old stuff - in new looks!

Video Sharing with Qitera

Qitera lets you easily share different forms of web content. Video is a main part. With the Qitera-plugin you can save and share videos from all major video platforms with just one click. If you simply save the video you will find it in your personal content feed called "My Stuff". If you add the video to one of your topics you will also get back to it on the specific topic-page.

Additionally, you can contribute and share videos via the Qitera website by using the "Add New Item"-function and choose "add website/video". Just copy and paste the URL of the video into the dialog box and press "save". You can then assign a topic to share the video with selected friends and colleagues.

You can use the comment features and icons to securely communicate with friends.

Save dynamic pages with one click

To save entire pages and please install the Qitera plug-in first:

After clicking the installation button your browser will automatically start the download and may ask your for your admission. Qitera runs smoothly on all major browsers as:

* Firefox
* Internet Explorer IE 7
* Safari
* Google Chrome

After a successful installation the green Qitera-button will appear in your browser bar.

An here we go...just press the Qitera-button to save entire web pages. No matter if it´s a flight itinerary, a Wikipedia article or a favorite product from an online shop. Qitera will fully capture the page for you including text, pictures and the link. So you can easily keyword-search all your saved content and build up your own search index that will deliver personalized and highly relevant results. The best thing about using Qitera - your results are 100% spam-free!

Qitera takes great care about your digital privacy. We only save the pages you capture with the plug-in. No other data is tracked.

Qitera is now live!

Dear friends of Qitera,

After months of development and testing the new version of Qitera is now live. We would like to thank all of you for your valuable feedback and support. We hope that the new version will help you to simplify your online life.

With Qitera you can now

  • save important websites with just one click (capture entire websites 1:1, e.g. travel itineraries, favorite products from online shops or cool videos)
  • share securely with friends (group your content by topic to share and engage with friends)
  • discover relevant content and products around your mutual interests (get valuable recommendations without searching)

To have a closer look at all the new features please go on the feature tour. If you are dreaming of a hassle-free Christmas just use Qitera to manage your online Christmas shopping.

Are you crazy about the new version? Please log-in and do not forget to invite friends and colleagues.

To surf the web with the latest plug-ins from Qitera please check out the installation page.

All the best,