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Dear Customers,

I am happy to announce our new Enterprise Intelligence Plattform. For the first time you can now get all your relevant Web content, Office Content, Collaboration and Fresh Qitera Intelligence in one place.

Qitera was founded with the mission to build a new generation of search solutions that deliver meaningful results in a more intuitive way. As the amount of data is exploding, finding relevant information to make smart decisions has become a challenge in most organizations. We built a search technology platform that reflects the fundamental paradigm shifts taking place today.

Social Search – As the web has become the prime source of information, making sense of the users search and sharing activities is a key step to better search results based on the collective wisdom of the organization. That is how search gets social.

Simple Search – As users are getting accustomed to Google, enterprise search products have to become more user-friendly and have to deliver relevant results in a much more intuitive way.

Semantic Search – As the amount of unstructured content is exploding, semantic web technologies provide the chance to mark up and structure information in a more meaningful and graph-based way.

Search as a Service – As traditional enterprise search systems are associated with high-volume licensing fees and installation costs, web-based search services offer significant customer benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability and TCO.

Please visit and leave your contact details for a free trial within your organization!


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