Qitera to speak at event for Competitive Intelligence

Tomorrow Qitera will act as sponsor and speaker of an exclusive event targeting competitive intelligence (CI) professionals in Europe. Organised by CI-expert Andreas Romppel the event will outline the latest innovations and strategies from CI-practioneers across the world. The agenda is focused on how CI professionals are planing and executing successful market and competitive intelligence activities to sustain and grow their firm's business in rough economic times. Qitera will present its enterprise intelligence plattform and demo how advanced search and collaboration technologies can empower CI professionals in their daily work. If you are interested to join, please content Andreas Romppel.


DSKaplan said...

There are some simple techniques for CI that companies of any size can deploy; using online job boards and Twitter search, for a couple of easy examples. http://writebizplan.com/blog/

rene said...

Just read you post. Totally agree with you. There is plenty of information out there. We're trying to help people to intelligently use this information in their daily work through new technologies like real-time search, automated discovery etc.

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