Accelerate your Competitive Intelligence

Keeping track with your competitors has become a real challenge in a world with exploding information. The web has reshaped the way we track, evaluate and correspond to our competitor's initiatives and actions. Thousands of new information sources have to be monitored. Web sites, blogs, social networks, market places and new communication tools such as Twitter. Thanks much to Andreas Romppel (author of Competitive Intelligence and head of DCIF) for inviting us to speak at one of his exclusive seminars for CI-executives. We were exited to hear about the latest trends in competitive intelligence and glad to present our search and collaboration platform to a number of experienced CI-professionals. The message from the latest SCIP-conference in Chicago was quite clear - the web has become the main information source for competitive and market intelligence. CI-professionals have deal with a new set of web 2.0 tools and new strategies and cultures when it comes to accelerate CI-activities within the organisation. At Qitera we recently have developed a set of competitive and market intelligence applications that monitor and track the web automatically for relevant updates. We hope that our solution will support the CI-community to keep up with the current information overload and speed of the internet. We are looking forward to a number of great CI-events and are planning a dedicated initiative for CI-professionals within the next weeks. So stay tuned. If you are interested to check out our new web monitoring applications to observe your competition in real-time please do request a free trial here or contact Carlo Velten for additional information.


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