Qitera – simplify your student life

Getting tired of all your home work? Too much research to do for your next assignment? Having trouble to share relevant documents and content with your fellow students?
Qitera will help you to simplify your student life. With Qitera you can save web pages and articles with just one click. You can collaborate with your peers around projects and group assignments. And Qitera´s search functionality empowers you to search all your content easily by keyword. But you can also use Qitera to share cool stuff with your friends or plan a joint skiing vacation.

Use cases school and university:
• Do research for assignments and projects
• Share documents and web content with friends
• Collaborate with fellow students around group projects
• Plan vacations or get recommendations for cool products

Sounds good? So just try out and sign up for free.

If you are responsible for your schools IT department please do not hesitate to contact us. Qitera offers special collaboration packages for academic organizations. info@qitera.com


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