Duplicates and Multiples


When creating your personal search index and saving pages it can happen that you save a page twice. So we received a lot of feedback and that feature. It's now fixed in the current release, just watch out for that hint beneath your findings:

But: That hint also appears when your friends previously saved the same pages and invited you. So for the system it's the same if it is "your" page or you simply have access rights to it and it "belongs" to one of your friends.

Multiple identities:

Another extremely nice feature is the handling of multiple email accounts in your "Settings" in the "E-mail Settings" section. You now have the option to register as many addresses as you like. Work, private, anonymous...

Of cause you can log-in to Qitera with any of those emails .... your password stays the same. The content also. Try it out and send your neighbor a smile if you like it! :-)


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