Save dynamic pages with one click

To save entire pages and please install the Qitera plug-in first:

After clicking the installation button your browser will automatically start the download and may ask your for your admission. Qitera runs smoothly on all major browsers as:

* Firefox
* Internet Explorer IE 7
* Safari
* Google Chrome

After a successful installation the green Qitera-button will appear in your browser bar.

An here we go...just press the Qitera-button to save entire web pages. No matter if it´s a flight itinerary, a Wikipedia article or a favorite product from an online shop. Qitera will fully capture the page for you including text, pictures and the link. So you can easily keyword-search all your saved content and build up your own search index that will deliver personalized and highly relevant results. The best thing about using Qitera - your results are 100% spam-free!

Qitera takes great care about your digital privacy. We only save the pages you capture with the plug-in. No other data is tracked.


Alexander said...

hi guys, quitera seems to be a perfect tool for me. but: why you do not support the opera browser? that's a pitty...
yours! Alex

Joerg said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the feedback. Qitera should work also with Opera, we justed tested it.
Give it a try and let me know if you have problems with it!


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