Delicious and browser bookmark

One of the "most wanted" features in the last days was the import of browser or delicious bookmarks. I agree. Very useful.

So we put it online today and it works fairly simple and straight forward. In the footer under the Help section you'll find a new entry called "Import"

Just click on that and decide to first import your browser bookmarks or the ones from delicious. The software will provide a short guidance - depending on what browser you have - to walk you through the maximum 3 steps.

One thing on Tags vs. Topics: A Tag is a short description which helps you to memorize the URL, something like "vacation" or "Cool App". A Topic in Qitera is something that contains websites, comments or notes, images or vids ... it grows over time and everybody with whom it is shared can add his websites or comments. A Topic is more a vertical search engine with fulltext index and searchable for ALL words in ALL pages attached to it. A website can be in various topics.

The Qitera importer assists you to create Topics where you had Tags before.

Have fun now with your old stuff - in new looks!


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