Filltech GmbH implements Qitera platform as sales enablement solution

Filltech GmbH is a global leader in in the field of industrial gas and pumping systems. The family-owned company is known for its advanced technologies and solutions to manage CO2 in its various forms. Filltech is specialized in designing, producing and servicing Mixed Gas solutions for every major industry. To identify and address the different market needs and to manage customer-related knowledge effectively across the organisation Filltech has a set up a project for implementing an adequate IT-solution. Filltech has chosen Qitera's social search and collaboration platform to let sales, engineering and marketing people work together and share market knowledge in an intuitive way. With Qitera customer related information is captured from various sources and shared among dedicated teams in one place. Thereby Filltech can work out more client-specific solutions and was able to cut search time to a minimum. Users can now find relevant documentation and customer news by simply searching Qitera or looking up Google. Managing director Michael Peine says "Qitera has brought us into the pole position. We can now interact much faster and more customer-oriented. With Qitera we never miss important updates on customers, markets and competition."

If you have further questions please contact Carlo Velten or read the entire success story hereby (german version).

Qitera Enterprise Referenz Filltech Juli 2009


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