"Social-Business-Design" - or how to make enterprise 2.0 projects successful

Social Business Design

Thinking a lot about new concepts and metrics that could help to plan, implement and run Enterprise 2.0 projects successfully, we recently came across the term "Social Business Design". The term originated from US consulting firm dachis group. It would be too easy to judge it as just another hype term. Indeed, we do believe that it is a good way to describe the urgent need to bring together business and IT-thinking.

Our project experiences with leading companies all over Europe have shown that still a majority of business leaders have no real clue how the new web technologies are reshaping their business and the way their organizations communicate within their various ecosystems (customers, employees, partners, shareholders).

So the "Social Business Design" approach could be helpful to think about enterprise 2.0 in a more holistic and strategic way. As the dachis group team phrases it "The social business design framework captures ecosystem (community), hivemind (culture), dynamic signal (collaboration), and metafilter (content)."

From our perspective enterprise 2.0 needs some additional back-up from strategic planning and HR. Only when new enterprise 2.0 planning metrics (e.g. shareability, activity index, search flow) are integrated into the companies goal sheets and HR plans, new initiatives will be successful. At Qitera we love the bottom-up initiatives that drive most initial activities. But to profit from productivity gains and collective intelligence on a broader scale the entire organization has to jump on the train.

Currently we are forming a working group together with some of our clients aiming to distill some real planning and ROI-metrics that could help to plan and measure enterprise 2.0 success. Please contact Carlo Velten if you are interested to join our working group.


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