Qitera Alerts™ scans market and competitive environment automatically and in real-time

Qitera Alerts™ is a brand new market and customer intelligence application on our platform that automatically tracks relevant news and developments within your company's market environment. Qitera Alerts™ provides your marketing and sales teams with accurate and current insights regarding your most important clients, projects, market segments and competitors.

Qitera Alerts™ tracks and analyzes thousands of information sources on a global scale, automatically and in real-time including websites, news and social media. Relevant results are directly delivered to your news feed and captured contextually (saved into your topic activity streams). That way important news on customers will never get lost. You and your team are empowered to collaborate around the fresh insights and make better decisions.

With Qitera Alerts™ we enable decision makers in the following domains to focus on their core business:
* Sales Enablement / Customer Intelligence
* Market Intelligence
* Competitive Intelligence
* Innovation Management / Trend Scouting
* Communications
* Investor Relations
* Risk Management
* Brand Monitoring

* Reduced time for monitoring and search activities
* Broader scope of information (global view)
* More revenues through well-informed sales people
* Innovative products through better customer understanding
* Agile team work and collaboration around customer updates
* More market awareness by real-time monitoring and global tracking

Please find more information here or contact Carlo Velten via sales@qitera.com.


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