IBM CEO Study unveils new collaboration trends to shape future success of global companies

Global CEO Study companies in the future have to serve well informed and more demanding customers. Market insights are critical to the Enterprise of the Future. Social networking and real-time collaboration tools improve communication and close the distance between people in different locations. Good ideas develop and spread quicker, and problems are solved faster. New social technologies connect everyone to the customer and help to unleash the collective intelligence of the organization. The Enterprise of the Future recognizes the value of information it collects through its many channels and actively mines it for insights.

Qitera's search and collaboration platform aims to help CEOs and CIOs to successfully transform their companies into learning organizations. Qitera makes it easy to collect, share and search market and customer knowledge within global organizations.

In the world's largest study of this kind IBM has interviewed over 1,100 CEOs and senior executives from the private and public sector. The study outlines how CEOs anticipate the future development and market success of their organizations. Please find the full report here.


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